Look beyond the cute pictures.


We know that an adorable picture of a dog or cat can tug at the heartstrings. It doesn’t take much for those of us who love animals to want to bring those sweet critters into our families. However, it is important to look beyond the cute photos and examine the circumstances those pets are coming from. If you opt to adopt, not all shelters or rescues have the same approach or ethical standards. Likewise, if you are looking to buy your pet, not all breeders or other sources adhere to standards so it is important to ask questions and do some research.

Before getting a pet, think about your life and ask yourself some key questions. Do you have the time to take care of a pet? Can you manage the ongoing costs associated with pet ownership? What type or breed of pet would fit best with your lifestyle?

If you’re looking to add a furry companion to your home, please take a little time to reflect on your situation and to research the shelter, rescue, breeder or other source to ensure that they are taking good care of the animals and have their best interests at heart.


Do some homework to make sure your pet is coming from a good situation

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Learn about the healthcare and behavioural assessments your pet should receive before you bring them home


Make sure your pet is the best match


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Ask the hard questions before you bring home your new pet


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