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Question: What is your adoption/purchase process?

All individuals or organizations should have a defined process, regardless of where you get your pet.

Some things that may be expected of you as part of the process may be:

  • to show a photo ID

  • complete an application form or answer application questions verbally about your lifestyle

  • provide references (including from a veterinarian if you’ve previously had pets)

  • complete a home visit

  • answer financial questions

The extent of the process varies, and one way is not necessarily better than another, but you should make sure that you are comfortable with that process.

There will be fees, which go towards recovering expenses for taking care of the animal, such as food, shelter, vaccines, microchips, spay/neuter surgery, medications and the individual’s or organization’s time in caring for the pets.

There should also be a contract for you to sign. This ensures both parties are clear on the expectations and guarantees surrounding the agreement.